Listen to KID NewsRadio’s full interview with Jeremy Johnson, Marketplace Manager at the Better Business Bureau


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho ー As social media platforms face more scrutiny over security practices, the BBB is warning people to be wary of the Facebook quizzes they take.

“So many of these quizzes are looking for your information,” Jeremy Johnson, Marketplace Manager for the Better Business Bureau in the Northwest and Pacific regions, told KID NewsRadio. “Sometimes they’ll have you log into your Facebook account before starting that quiz and by doing that you’re allowing the people that have created that quiz or who are over that quiz to have access to your friends list, your photos and all of the things on your Facebook account by logging in. A

While not all quizzes are malicious, it’s important to take the time to read the fine print before beginning the quiz. Doing so, Johnson said, not only protects the user, but also protects the users’ friends and family.

“You just want to be careful what information you’re allowing them to get,” Johnson said. “We get excited about things and we don’t really read the permissions…so that can be really detrimental…you may not even just be putting your information at risk. You may be putting your friends’ and family’s information at risk because their accounts are tied to your accounts.”

Users should practice healthy internet privacy behaviors, Johnson said. In addition to reading the fine print, Facebook allows its users to further protect their information and account access.

“Be careful of these kinds of quizzes or anything pops up that’s asking for permissions for your camera, your photos, anything like that,” Johnson said. “Using extra security features…looking at your privacy settings on this account…Making sure those are as strong as you possibly feel comfortable with.”