Kenneth Ryan Jones | Image Courtesy: Idaho Falls Police Department

Listen to the full press conference, audio courtesy Eyewitness News 3


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho ー Idaho Falls Police have indicted a man in 2007 murder case.

“Today the Bonneville County prosecuting attorney’s office filed charges against Kenneth Ryan Jones for the murder of Stephanie Eldridge,” Bonneville County Prosecutor Daniel Clark said during a press conference. “The defendant is charged with one count of murder in the second degree. Murder in the second degree carries a potential of a unified 10 years and up to life in prison up to a $50,000 fine, a $5,000 compensatory fine as well as restitution.”

30-year-old Kenneth Ryan Jones is currently in custody for a parole violation. Clark said the extradition process to bring Jones to face the charge should begin soon. Idaho Falls Police Chief Bryce Johnson thanked Sgt. Jessica Marley, who was assigned the case in 2014, and the crime television show Cold Justice who expedited the process of retesting DNA.

“They worked alongside the team from IFPD. They went and recontacted a lot of people, did a lot of interviewing,” Johnson said. “They did do all of that forensic testing and that helped move a move the case forward as well.”

Clark added there is no indication anyone else was involved in the murder of Stephanie Eldridge. Eldridge disappeared in 2007 and her body was found three years later. She was the mother of two children and a graduate of Idaho Falls High School.