Listen to KID NewsRadio’s full interview with author Victor Davis Hanson

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho ーPresident Donald Trump is the focus of a new book by author Victor Davis Hansen.

The Case for Trump, Hanson said, isn’t a book solely meant to praise the president’s first term or explore a growing hatred by Democrats of the nation’s 45th president. Instead, he said, the book aims to explore what propelled President Trump to the presidency and what that means for the New York business mogul turned politician.

“I just wanted to analyze inexplicable how somebody for the first time without political and military experience defeated all of his rivals in the primary and then out smarted and defeated the most well funded presidential candidate in history, Hillary Clinton,” Hanson told KID NewsRadio. “Even more miraculously, he went on to achieve a record within two years.”

Many of President Trump’s now fulfilled campaign promises, Hanson added, were bold and in some ways, revolutionary. From North Korea, to trade talks with China to doubling down on border security, President Trump is now eyeing a second term and juxtapositioning his record of accomplishments with Democrats who continue to push further and further left.

“Just as Trump didn’t exist in a vacuum in 2016, he won’t in 2020,” Hanson said. “A lot of candidates, I think, are going to regret in this primary…coming out that they got tagged with support for everything from permissible infanticide to reparations to the new green deal, to a wealth tax, to abolishing almost everything, debt, ICE, the electoral college, advocating 16-year-old voting…those are not 51 percent issues. and they play into Trump’s hands and saying, ‘You know what? Whatever you think of my tweets, here’s my record. Compare that with the alternative and you might conclude I’m the only thing between you and socialism.'”

Hanson’s book is available at many major retailers, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.