IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) – It’s a growing phenomenon: disc golf.

“Disc golf is a lot like ball golf, except you use frisbees and baskets,” said Shane Hill of Idaho Falls. “What we want to do is try and get the frisbee from the t-box into the basket in the least number of throws.”

Hill has been playing disc golf since 2005 and owns an online store, “Lucky Disc Golf.”

Disc golf has been around for decades, but Hill says it’s really garnered attention in the last few years.

“When COVID happened, it kind of exploded because people wanted to get out of the house; they needed something to do.”

Hill says there’s no age limit to the sport — and it’s a great family-friendly activity.

“Almost anybody can play. I’ve seen four-year-old kids with families play it.”

So, how do you get started? All you need is a disc, which according to Hill, costs around $10-$12.

Almost all disc golf courses are free to play on. They have them at many public parks, high school and college campuses, and other lands.

There are disc golf courses all over Eastern Idaho, including at Freeman Park in Idaho Falls, McCowin Park in Ammon, Ross Park in Pocatello and Jensen’s Grove in Blackfoot.

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