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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho ー On Saturday, April 13th, WallBuilders founder David Barton says he hopes to give east Idahoans a renewed perspective into America’s history.

“There’s such a move today to forget who we are or denigrate who we are or to talk about how bad America is,” Barton said. “Granted, we’ve got some warts in our nose, we’ve done some bad things. But, we’ve got less warts on our nose than other nations, and we certainly have produced more good in the world than any other nation, and that’s part of the story. So, we really like telling them the good, the bad, and the ugly rather than just the bad and the ugly, and that’s really what we work on.”

Barton’s visit comes as part of the annual Lincoln Day banquet hosted by Bonneville County Republicans. As part of his presentation, Barton said he will show attendees how many modern day issues such as homosexuality, fake news and abortion are not unique to modern times.

“I like to point out to people that there really is nothing new under the sun, that’s something the Bible tells us,” Barton said. “All we deal with this technology changes, not issue changes…I’ve got Thomas Jefferson dealing with abortion back in his day…We actually have in 1792 James Madison leading at debate on the floor of Congress on why the federal government should not bail out private businesses that are too big to fail. We have George Washington dealing with issue of homosexuals in the military in 1778 I mean there’s nothing new that comes up.”

It’s vital to return to studying America’s history, Barton said. Among many of the cultural shifts and changes seen in recent years, he added, one of the most alarming is the retelling and reteaching of history where many important stories and principles are erased.

“To make something different, to make the nation different, one of the first things you have to get rid of it’s teaching history and that’s what’s going on right now,” Barton said. “History only matters if you think that there is truth, that you can learn from history the good, the bad, the ugly.”

The Bonneville County Republican Annual Lincoln Day Banquet is Saturday, April 13th at Melaleuca Headquarters in Idaho Falls. Social hour begins at 5 PM, the program begins at 6 PM. Ticket information is available below.

Bonneville County Lincoln Day Banquet

Eventbrite – Bonneville County Lincoln Day Banquet – Saturday, April 13, 2019 at Melaleuca – The Wellness Company, Idaho Falls, ID. Find event and ticket information.