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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho ー Pro-life advocates are applauding Alabama as the state’s governor prepares to sign one of the toughest anti-abortion bills in the nation.

“We are thrilled and we’re seeing this incredible movement that I think is aided greatly by science and technology,” Reverend Patrick Mahoney told KID NewsRadio. “When I got involved in the pro life movement 46 years ago, there were no real opportunities to look directly into the womb, to see the beauty of creation, to see the development of the child…now we’re operating on children six and seven weeks in their mother’s womb, the pictures are breathtaking.”

New insight into the development of children within the womb has also had an impact on individuals. Reverend Mahoney said abortions are at an almost 50 year low.

“The pro life community or seeing the highest numbers of people who self identify as pro-life,” Reverend Mahoney said . “We are seeing abortion surgical abortions at their lowest rate in 46 years because people now are finally understanding that this is a life, this is human.”

Not everyone is applauding the new Alabama bill. Many Democrats have condemned the bill as sexist and anti-woman. But, Reverend Mahoney rejected these claims and said the bill doesn’t hold women criminally responsible for the abortion. It targets the doctors. Additionally, the bill is likely to become law under a female governor.

“I find it fascinating that they are all screaming the bill is sexist and anti-woman, and yet the bill is going to be signed shortly by one of the only women governors in America,” Reverend Mahoney said.

While Reverend Mahoney said the bill isn’t an attack on women, it does go head to head with the famous Supreme Court decision in the case of Roe v. Wade.

“This bill clearly, by the writers and sponsors of it, wants to be used as a direct frontal attack on Roe v. Wade,” Reverend Mahoney said. “The thinking was if you allowed exceptions in there, then you were having a caste system for human life. You are actually undermining your own legal argument. It would be difficult to go before the nine justices and to say that all life has meaning, all life has dignity, all life has purpose, value, etc…Oh, but in these cases it doesn’t have dignity, purpose and value, and there are circumstances when this life, can be taken.”

Naturally, the bill is expected to be challenged in the Supreme Court and Reverend Mahoney said that in and of itself will be historic because of the questions such a case raises.

“Since 1973 when [Roe v. Wade] was decided there has never been a Supreme Court decision looking into the question of the humanity of the child and its personhood,” Reverend Mahoney said. “We are coming with science and reason. Most people believe when your heart can be detected and is beating that that’s a human life. It is an independent heartbeat. It’s not a mother’s heartbeat. It’s the child’s heartbeat.”