Image Courtesy: Senator Mike Crapo

Listen to KID NewsRadio’s interview with Senator Mike Crapo


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho ー Republicans and the Trump administration are celebrating after Mexico decided to come to an agreement on several issues in order to halt looming tariffs.

“I was very worried about this tactic,” Senator Mike Crapo told KID NewsRadio. “That being said, you have to give credit to the president. It
worked. The tariffs did not have to go on. I think the reason it worked is because the Mexican government knew that President Trump would do it.”

Without the agreement, Mexico would have faced a five percent tariff, which would have increased by an additional five percent each month up to 25%. But, the financial sting didn’t just pose issues to the Mexican economy. Sen. Crapo said the United States stood to lose money as well.

“It’s kind of a two edged sword type of thing,” Sen. Crapo said. “I was very concerned about the potential that those tariffs could go on because of the damage to the US, but one has to acknowledge that it worked.”

While the debate over border security and other hot political issues have dominated headlines and news cycles, Republicans have been quietly hard at work confirming judicial nominations.

“The majority of the activity has been on judicial confirmations, which is a very important thing, in my opinion, with regard to helping to change the face of our judiciary across the country by putting in a good solid constitution oriented judges,” Sen. Crapo said. “Significant progress has been made there.”

Lawmakers are also still struggling with the ever increasingly controversial and central debate surrounding marijuana and the United States, particularly in the banking industry.

“There are those who believe that that marijuana should be illegal and that we should not facilitate it by changing or adjusting our banking procedures, and there are those who believe in states rights who say, you know what, a number of states across the country are allowing medical marijuana or some total free use of marijuana or hemp, which Congress did make legal in a piece of legislation last year and that we should allow states to make their own decisions on this,” Sen. Crapo said. “I’m torn, to be honest with you…I don’t know exactly how we’re going to deal with this issue yet. I’m not going to say yes or no to the issue. We’re working on it.”