Miss an episode of the Jolyn Thomas Show, or just want to listen to a segment again? Here are some of the most talked about segments!

The next Constitution party President


Jolyn interviews Joel Skousen about his upcoming speaking engagement at Stand Up for Idaho.

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Teaching kids the Constitution


Doug and Cindy Toomer from Stand Up for Idaho talk about their Constitution Camp for kids happening July 15-18.

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How Social Media impacts our kids


Maegan Rose Dyer talks with Jolyn about the impact that social media has had on the rising generation and what we can do to mitigate it negative effects.

The Duck Race and other upcoming events with the Rotary Club


Kevin Call, PJ Holm and Lisa Burtenshaw discuss upcoming events for the Rotary Club and how you can get involved!

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Solving the Water Curtailment problem


Representative Stephanie Mickelsen discusses the water curtailment and how it will impact eastern Idaho.

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How you can help those with Alzheimer’s


Jody Cornilsen, the Reigonal Outreach Manager for the Greater Idaho Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, talks about how those in the community can get involved!

Bringing Juneteenth to Idaho Falls


Cliff and Kristine Clarke  talk about the upcoming events In Idaho Falls to celebrate the first annual Juneteenth community heritage musical festival!

From the Farmers Mouth


Brian Murdock, a Farmer from Blackfoot, has been heavily involved in bringing awareness to the Water Curtailment issue and helping to find a solution.

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Open Letter about Water Curtailment to Governor Little


Paul Baker talks with us about the letter sent to Governor Little on behalf of the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce regarding the Water Curtailment issue.

Breaking Down Table Talk


Jolyn interviews Bob and Amy Tippetts from Grand Peaks Prime Meats, the sponsor for Table Talk.

How to increase voter turnout


Jolyn interviews Dawna Howard with Concerned Citizens of Idaho Falls about what we can do to increase voter turnout!

Crusade against Cancer


Jolyn interviews Shane Wilker about the upcoming “Crusade Against Cancer” race.

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Celebrating Juneteenth in Idaho Falls


Jolyn interviews Mosy, Lora King and Effie Hernandez about an upcoming event in the community to celebrate Juneteenth!

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Exploring Above and Beyond


Jolyn brings in staff from the Museum of Idaho to delve into behind the scenes details of their new exhibit.

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Reflecting on the Chad Daybell Case


Jolyn interviews Chris Skidmore about his opinions on the Chad Daybell case and Chad being sentenced to death.

Bringing the community together through sports


Reese Shurtliff from Friday Night Flag talks about the importance of youth sports in bringing the community together!

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Death Penalty Q&A


Robin Maher, executive director at the Death Penalty Information center, answers commonly asked questions about the Death Penalty.

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Raising awareness for Autism and ADHD in Eastern Idaho


Parker Bryant and Jake West from DAIS-C (Differently Abled Individuals Social Collective) about how they are seeking to make a difference in the community.

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Meet the Candidates: John Malek

Jolyn interviews John Malek about his candidacy for Bonneville County Prosecutor.

Meet the Candidates: Sean Higgins


Jolyn interviews Sean Higgins about his candidacy for U.S. House of Representative against Mike Simpson.

Meet the Candidates: Alan Steel


Jolyn interviews Alan Steel about his candidacy for Bonneville County commissioner.

Meet the Candidates: Barrett Hillier


Jolyn interview Barrett Hillier about his candidacy for Bonneville County Commissioner!

Meet the Candidates: Debra Haacke

Jolyn interviews Debra Haacke about her candidacy for Bonneville County Commissioner!

Meet the Candidates: Jim Guthrie


Senator Jim Guthrie talks about his campaign for reelection.

Meet the Candidates: Cathy Shurtliff


Jolyn interviews Cathy Shurtliff about her candidacy for Jefferson County commissioner!

Meet the Candidates: Brian Farnsworth


Brian Farnsworth, candidate for District 1 in the Jefferson County Commissioner race, discusses his plans to address the budget for Jefferson County!

Meet the Candidates: Ben Fuhriman


Ben Fuhriman, candidate for Idaho House Seat 30B, shares his goals for Bingham and Butte counties!

Meet the Candidates: Tanya Burgoyne


Jolyn interviews Tanya Burgoyne about her candidacy for the Idaho Senate seat in District 29!

Introducing Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce local candidate forums


Staci Matheson, Board Chair of Greater Idaho Falls Chamber,  discusses upcoming candidate forums being hosted by the chamber.

Meet the Candidates: Michelle Mallard


Michelle Mallard talks about her plans for addressing growth in Bonneville County.

Meet the Candidates: Randy Neal


Randy Neal talks about his work as the Bonneville County prosecutor and his candidacy for reelection!

Insights from a White House Correspondent


Jolyn interviews Matthew Anthony Harper, a White House Correspondent, about his opinions on the race to the White House.

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Meet the Candidates: Dave Lent


Jolyn intervies Dave Lent about his campaign for reelection for the District 33 Senate seat.

Meet the Candidates: Britt Raybould


Jolyn interviews Britt Raybould about her candidacy for reelection for District 34 in the Idaho House of Representatives.

Meet the Candidates: Scott Cleveland


Jolyn interviews Scott Cleveland about his candidacy for U.S. House of Representatives.

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Meet the Candidates: Brett Skidmore


Jolyn interviews Brett Skidmore about running for seat 35B in the Idaho House of Representatives.

Hiding the Truth: The Power of Crime Statistics


John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, speaks about the power of crime statistics and how they may not always tell the full story

Meet the Candidates: Breane Buckingham


Jolyn interviews Breane Buckingham about her candidacy in district 30!

Meet the Candidates: Gerald Raymond


Jolyn interviews Representative Jerald Raymond about his candidacy for reelection in District 31!

Meet the Candidates: Rick Cheatum


Jolyn interviews Rick Cheatum about his campaign for reelection in District 28!

Meet the Candidates: Larry Golden


Jolyn interviews Larry Golden, a candidate for Idaho House of Representatives in District 34, who shares how his military background impacted his decision to run for office!

Honoring family legacy in Escape from Germany


Jolyn talks with broadcast veteran Jay Hildebrandt about his role in the new movie Escape from Germany.

Meet the Candidates: James Lamborn


James Lamborn speaks about his candidacy for Idaho House of Representatives in District 28!

Escape from Germany


Jolyn interviews T.C. Christensen, the director of Escape from Germany, and Paul Wuthrich, the actor who plays the character Elder Seibold in the film.

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Meet the Candidates: Marsha Craner


Marsha Craner, a candidate for District 34’s Senate seat, talks about why she decided to run and why she looks up to Cecil Andrus and Frank Church!

Meet the Candidates: Julianne Young


Julianne Young talks about her highlights from the 2024 Legislative session and how motherhood inspired her to run for office.

Meet the Candidates: Josh Sorensen


Jolyn interviews Josh Sorensen about his campaign in District 30 for Seat A in the Idaho House of Representatives!

Meet the Candidates: Jayson Meline


Jayson Meline talks about his candidacy for District 28 in the Idaho Legislature!

Meet the Candidates: Mike Saville


Mike Saville talks about his candidacy for District 28 Seat A in the Idaho Legislature against Richard Cheatum.

Meet the Candidates: Karen Keith


Jolyn interviews Karen Keith about her candidacy for the Idaho Legislature.


Meet the Candidates: Marco Erickson


Representative Marco Erickson shares his insights on the 2024 legislative session and makes his pitch for reelection!

Transformation is coming to The Heart Events


Jolyn interviews Mosy from The Heart Events about positive transformations coming to the company.

Meet the Candidates: Doug Toomer


Doug Toomer explains how running Stand Up for Idaho helped prompt him to run for District 35’s Senate seat!

Meet the Candidates: Kevin Cook


Senator Cook talks about his bill seeking to protect children from pornography that passed the senate this legislative session.


Meet the Candidates: Jerry Bingham


Jerry Bingham shares his commitment to water rights as he campaigns for District 30’s Senate seat.

Meet the Candidates: Barbara Ehardt


Representative Barbara Ehardt shares her highlights from the legislative session and talks about her campaign for reelection in District 33.

Meet the Candidates: Rod Furniss


Representative Rod Furniss talks about some of his passion projects from the 2024 Legislative session.


Meet the Candidates: Joseph Messerly


Jolyn interviews Joseph Messerly about his candidacy for seat 35A in the Idaho House of Representatives!

Meet the Candidates: James Ruchti


Jolyn interviews Senator James Ruchti about his plans for reelection.

Meet the Candidates: Mary Shea


Mary Shea discusses her campaign for the Idaho House of Representatives in District 29!

Meet the Candidates: Keith Newberry


Jolyn interviews Keith Newberry about his candidacy for District 32’s Senate Seat and the two bond over their love of classic cars!

Meet the Candidates: Bryan Scholz


Bryan Scholz discusses his candidacy for the Idaho State Senate against incumbent Dave Lent in District 33.


Meet the Candidates: Josh Wheeler


Jolyn interviews Representative Josh Wheeler about his accomplishments as a freshman legislator and his candidacy for reelection.

Meet the Candidates: Stephanie Mickelsen


Representative Mickelsen talks about her candidacy for reelection in District 32.

Meet the Candidates: Kirk Jackson


Jolyn interviews Kirk Jackson about his candidacy for Seat 28B in the Idaho House of Representatives!

Meet the Candidates: Chris Riley


Jolyn interviews Chris Riley about his candidacy in District 35 for Idaho State Senate and his plan to keep Idahoans “free, fed, and educated.”

Breaking down the 2024 Legislative Session


Paul Baker discusses the upcoming Post Legislative Session Lunch where members of the Idaho Falls community can ask their local legislators questions about what legislation passed and what didn’t.

Meet the Candidates: Bryan Smith


Jolyn interviews Bryan Smith about his candidacy for State Legislature.

Meet the candidates: Nate Roberts


Jolyn interviews Nate Roberts, a representative from District 29 (Pocatell0), about his reelection campaign.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Jolyn interviews Avrey Hendrix, Brooke Nelson, and Katie Lawson from the Idaho Period Project to talk about their upcoming gala and auction.

“It was wrong. Period.”  Analyzing the Situation in Coeur d’Alene

Lieutenant Governor Scott Bedke speaks with Jolyn about the incident in Coeur d’Alene with the University of Utah Women’s basketball team.

Bringing The Lamb of God to Eastern Idaho

Jolyn interviews Nancy Eldridge, the vice president and co-founder of Witness Music Southeast Idaho, about their upcoming Lamb of God performance in Blackfoot.

Celebrating 120 Years of the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce


Jolyn interviews Paul Baker about the history of the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce over the last 120 years and info about how the Chamber is celebrating this monumental birthday!

Building Up Steam for Chrome in the Dome

Jolyn interviews Brock Gunter about Chrome in the Dome coming to the ICCU Arena in Pocatello on March 15th and 16th.

What to Expect from the 2024 State of the Union


Jolyn interviews Jared Halpern about what listeners can expect from the 2024 State of the Union and what stakes are present for President Biden.

A Surprise Visit from Jimmy Failla


Jolyn interviews KID Newsradio’s own Jimmy Failla in-studio and the two share insights on current events in the United States.

Celebrating Women’s History Month in Idaho Falls


March marks the celebration of Women’s History month. To celebrate, the Alturas Institute will be hosting their fifth annual “Conversations with Exceptional Women” and bringing in notable women from our local community and across the country. Jolyn talks with David Adler, the president of The Alturas Institute, about what attendees can expect.

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Dance into the Future with the YMCA


Jolyn interviews Donovan Stokes from the Idaho Falls YMCA to talk about their upcoming annual fundraising gala.

Examining the Cancel Culture Dictionary

Jolyn interviews Jimmy Failla about his New York Times best selling book Cancel Culture Dictionary: An A to Z Guide to Winning the War on Fun.


Celebrating Black History Month in Eastern Idaho


Jolyn interviews Andrew Hansen, a behavior paraprofessional at Eagle Rock Middle School, about their guest speaker event celebrating Black History Month.

Government Shutdowns and Impeachments and Depositions: Oh my!

Ryan Schmelz gives the latest updates on the looming government shutdown, the Mayorkas impeachment, and the Hunter Biden deposition.

Becoming Braver Angels


Jolyn interviews Diantha and Mark Hopkins about their Braver Angels Debate on Ranked Choice voting to be held on March 14th.

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Idaho Security Threats


Doug Toomer Founder of Stand Up For Idaho and Debra Haacke community activist talk about the Town Hall Meeting on Security Threats in Idaho. You can watch the full meeting here>> https://odysee.com/@StandUpForIdaho:c/02-21-24:6?fbclid=IwAR34VOBGVde04WG8DzBHT98HbBq5bY7sJ—ccHG9c3NkB1GIF0Ynw6_tNM

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The Power of Libraries and the Power of Parents

Jolyn speaks with KID Newsradio listener Jarod Littell about SB1289 and the importance of parents in a child’s life.

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A Return to Common Sense

Jolyn interviews KID Newsradio listener Thomas Nickovich about S1289 and the importance of balance and common sense in our politics.

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Impeaching Secretary Mayorkas

Jolyn interviews Jonathan Savage about the attempt to impeach Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas.


Idaho’s First Black Politician


Jolyn interviews Les Purce, the first Black person to hold an elected office in Idaho, about his experience on the Pocatello City Council and his time as Pocatello mayor.

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How Convicting Jennifer Crumbley Will Transform the Future of School Shooters


The verdict is in. Jennifer Crumbley has been convicted for 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection to the school shooting committed by her son, Ethan. Jolyn interviews Carole Lieberman, a Forensic Psychiatrist and Trial Expert Witness about what this could mean for the future.

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Breaking Down Border Legislation


Jolyn interviews Ryan Schmelz about the latest updates on the legislation going through congress, addressing the border crisis and how now a number of Republicans are speaking out against it.



Slamming Down on Speeding


California recently introduced a bill wanting to control how fast people can drive. The bill requests that all new vehicles sold in California install speed governors, smart devices that automatically limit the vehicle’s speed to 10 miles above the legal limit. Jolyn speaks with Jeff Monosso about the details and reasoning for the bill.

What Comes Next in Jordan?

Jolyn interviews Jonathan Savage from Fox News Radio about the latest updates on the ramifications of the drone attack in Jordan.



Stop Idaho Porn


Matt Smith with Operation Silent Shield meets with Jolyn to talk about his work in promoting the Online Child Safety Act in the Idaho Legislature, which seeks to add an age verification aspect to limit minors accessing inappropriate content on the internet.

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Is a Trump vs. Biden Rematch a Possibility?

Poll results released Monday found that around 59 percent of registered voters are “not too enthusiastic” or “not at all enthusiastic” about a rematch between the presidents. Jolyn interviews Jared Halpern about what voters can expect as the road to the White House heats up in 2024.


Responding to Jordan Air Strike

Jolyn interviews Jared Halpern about the likely responses of the United States to the drone strikes in Jordan that killed three Americans.


Discussing top legal headlines with Andrew Reed


A Chicago man is suing dozens of women for $75 million after they posted negative reviews on the “Are We Dating The Same Guy” Facebook page describing him as “very clingy” and a “ghoster’. Nikko D’Ambrosio, 32, claims his reputation was sullied after his name and photo were shared in the Facebook group’s Chicago edition late last year — sparking a slew of defamatory comments about him.


Transforming Our Approach at the Southern Border


Jolyn talks with Fox News Radio’s Ryan Schmelz about Congress’ work on creating a bipartisan deal to deal with the Border Crisis.


Recovering Deleted Footage from January 6th


Jolyn interviews Ryan Schmelz from Fox News Radio about how the footage of January 6th contributes to and challenges the narrative told about January 6th in Washington.


Releasing Israeli Hostages: Is it a Possibility?


Fox News Radio’s Jonathon Savage gives updates on the conversation between Hamas and Israel regarding hostages.


How Do We Solve Gun Violence in America?


At least 120 people are shot in the United States every day. Jolyn interviews FOX News Radio’s Jeff Monosso about various events being held throughout the country to celebrate the 6th annual Gun Violence Survivor week.


“Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful.”: Surviving Winter Emergencies


Mindy Schmidt, owner of The Preparedness Store, stops by the KID Newsradio studio, to educate on how you can prepare to survive a potential power outage during the winter months.



Owning Our Past, Creating Our Future


Dr. Sydney Freeman Jr. will be the keynote speaker at the 17th Annual Martin Luther King Banquet hosted by the Idaho Falls African American Alliance. Join him and Jolyn as they discuss the event and the importance of owning our past and how it can help us create our future.

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Addressing Period Poverty in Idaho


Jolyn interviews Avrey Hendrix, founder of the Idaho Period Project, about the work she is doing to pass legislation requiring period product dispensaries in public schools for girls.



Baby Deorr Kunz Still Missing after 8 years


Baby Deorr Kunz disappeared in Lemhi county in July of 2015.  Why is the supposably simple case taking so long to solve? Kali Ann Pearson, advocate for Baby Kunz, shares with us who he is and what we know so far.

To learn more visit justiceforbabydeorr.com

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Announcing East Idaho’s Newest Pregnancy Care Center

Many women who consider or choose abortion will say “I had no choice”. Jennell Faulkner, the executive director of the future Nest Pregnancy Care Center, is dedicated to providing women experiencing unplanned pregnancies with objective information about their options and loving them no matter what option they choose.

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Processing Politics with Paul Baker

Paul Baker, CEO of the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce, shares his thoughts on the meaning of the American flag and it’s uniting power. He and Jolyn take a deep dive into their thoughts on the Israel-Palestine conflict and Paul’s experience witnessing terrorism in North Ireland.




Spreading Warmth and Holiday Cheer

Kaitlyn Lindley, the customer service manager for LP propane, returns to the Jolyn Thomas Show to share stories from their 2023 Spreading Warmth campaign.



Recognizing Sleep Apnea

Bradford Talcott with the Neurology and Sleep Specialists in Idaho Falls about what contributes to disrupted sleep and the signs to look for detecting obstructive sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders.



Use Your Freedom of Speech Wisely or it May Get Taken Away

Jolyn interviews Dustin Hurst about the importance of recognizing evil and how we can use our freedom of speech to speak truth in a political arena fraught with confusion and disinformation.



The Transformational Power of Intuitive Eating

Every year during the holidays, we are surrounded by delicious food: Turkey and eggnog and gingerbread, oh my! It can be easy to overeat and turn to such sugary, fatty foods during the cold winter months. Jolyn speaks with Macie Leatham, a registered dietician in Idaho Falls, about a new method for eating over the holidays: intuitive eating.





American Issues Through the Lens of  An Immigrant


Paul Baker, the CEO of the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce, talks about the symbolism of the American flag as a uniter and what it means to him as an Irish immigrant.

Answering the call for peace

Kirt Hebert stresses the importance of speaking out against violence across the globe with Jolyn. They answer the question “What is the price of peace?” and discuss how we can attain peace on earth.

Resisting political tribalism


Jolyn interviews Chris about the importance of standing up for your principles instead of getting swayed by political tribes. He suggests a re-emphasis on serving one another could help us bridge the gap between political differences and solving society’s issues.

Veteran reflects on Vietnam, 50 years later


David J. Archuleta talks about his experience on the DDG-22 a.k.a. the Benjamin Stoddert , the last U.S. warship leaving Vietnam, as an 18 and 19 year old.

Masking in the workplace

Do you find yourself acting a little differently while you’re at work? You’re not alone. 73% of employees have a work personality and don’t show their bosses and coworkers who they really are. Jolyn interviews Dr. Andre Martin, an organizational psychologist, about how this concept of masking negatively affects the state of the American workplace and the well-being of employees.

The power, limit and tradition of freedom of sp/eech for teachers

Jolyn discusses what first amendment protections teachers should have with Nick Contos, chair of the Bonneville County Republicans. They explore how administrators can use common sense to set guidelines for teachers’ speech and discuss how teachers can influence students into participating in the political arena.

Building the next Conservative presidency

Jolyn interviews Spencer Chretien, the associate director for Project 2025 about his collaboration with over 75 conservative organizations to create a playbook for the next Conservative president. Project 2025 hopes to build a foundation through policy proposals and personnel for a Republican president to use once he or she enters the White House in 2025.

To learn more about Project 2025’s vision for a conservative administration, you can read their recently published book, Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise.


Spreading Warmth across Eastern Idaho

Every year as the temperatures go down and the Christmas lights go up, people wonder “How can I give back in my community and help those in need?” Oftentimes, the solution is simpler than we think. Jolyn interviews Kaitlyn Lindley, the Customer Service Manager at LP Propane, to talk about their Spreading Warmth promotion and how you can help people win $1000 of Propane to help heat their homes and celebrate the holidays with their families.

How old is too old for Trick-or-Treating?


Every Halloween, teenagers and young adults are put in limbo. Do they dress up and go trick-or-treating or do they leave their childhood behind and go to parties or scary movies? Once a year, teens and adults alike must ask the question: How old is too old for trick-or-treating? Jolyn dives headfirst into this question as she shares how some cities throughout the United States limit who can trick-or-treat and when they can do it.

Barbie, Candy Corn and other 2023 Halloween Trends in Idaho


Jolyn interviews Tonya J. Powers from Fox Newsradio about top 2023 costume choices in Boise, Twin Falls and Pocatello. In addition to the costumes, another highlight of Halloween is candy. Tonya shares the top candies in Idaho, one of which is Candy Corn?