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Use your freedom of speech wisely or it may get taken away

Jolyn interviews Dustin Hurst about the importance of recognizing evil and how we can use our freedom of speech to speak truth in a political arena fraught with confusion and disinformation.

The transformational power of intuitive eating

Every year during the holidays, we are surrounded by delicious food: Turkey and eggnog and gingerbread, oh my! It can be easy to overeat and turn to such sugary, fatty foods during the cold winter months. Jolyn speaks with Macie Leatham, a registered dietician in Idaho Falls, about a new method for eating over the holidays: intuitive eating.

American issues through the lens of  an immigrant

Paul Baker, the CEO of the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce, talks about the symbolism of the American flag as a uniter and what it means to him as an Irish immigrant.

Answering the call for peace

Kirt Hebert stresses the importance of speaking out against violence across the globe with Jolyn. They answer the question “What is the price of peace?” and discuss how we can attain peace on earth.

Resisting political tribalism

Jolyn interviews Chris about the importance of standing up for your principles instead of getting swayed by political tribes. He suggests a re-emphasis on serving one another could help us bridge the gap between political differences and solving society’s issues.

Veteran reflects on Vietnam, 50 years later

David J. Archuleta talks about his experience on the DDG-22 a.k.a. the Benjamin Stoddert , the last U.S. warship leaving Vietnam, as an 18 and 19 year old.

Masking in the workplace

Do you find yourself acting a little differently while you’re at work? You’re not alone. 73% of employees have a work personality and don’t show their bosses and coworkers who they really are. Jolyn interviews Dr. Andre Martin, an organizational psychologist, about how this concept of masking negatively affects the state of the American workplace and the well-being of employees.

The power, limit and tradition of freedom of speech for teachers

Jolyn discusses what first amendment protections teachers should have with Nick Contos, chair of the Bonneville County Republicans. They explore how administrators can use common sense to set guidelines for teachers’ speech and discuss how teachers can influence students into participating in the political arena.

Building the next Conservative presidency

Jolyn interviews Spencer Chretien, the associate director for Project 2025 about his collaboration with over 75 conservative organizations to create a playbook for the next Conservative president. Project 2025 hopes to build a foundation through policy proposals and personnel for a Republican president to use once he or she enters the White House in 2025.

To learn more about Project 2025’s vision for a conservative administration, you can read their recently published book, Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise.


Spreading Warmth across Eastern Idaho

Every year as the temperatures go down and the Christmas lights go up, people wonder “How can I give back in my community and help those in need?” Oftentimes, the solution is simpler than we think. Jolyn interviews Kaitlyn Lindley, the Customer Service Manager at LP Propane, to talk about their Spreading Warmth promotion and how you can help people win $1000 of Propane to help heat their homes and celebrate the holidays with their families.

How old is too old for Trick-or-Treating?


Every Halloween, teenagers and young adults are put in limbo. Do they dress up and go trick-or-treating or do they leave their childhood behind and go to parties or scary movies? Once a year, teens and adults alike must ask the question: How old is too old for trick-or-treating? Jolyn dives headfirst into this question as she shares how some cities throughout the United States limit who can trick-or-treat and when they can do it.

Barbie, Candy Corn and other 2023 Halloween Trends in Idaho


Jolyn interviews Tonya J. Powers from Fox Newsradio about top 2023 costume choices in Boise, Twin Falls and Pocatello. In addition to the costumes, another highlight of Halloween is candy. Tonya shares the top candies in Idaho, one of which is Candy Corn?