RIGBY – State Representatives from Idaho District 35 spoke with KID News radio Thursday following the shooting at Rigby Middle School.

After a long day at the Idaho legislature yesterday, Representative Rod Furniss (R-Rigby) was at the scene following the incident along with members of the school board.  Furniss told KID:

I went over right away and I’m here now. The parents are reuniting with their children. The police did a great job and made everything work together. The school board came out and they are helping reunite parents with children. The students handled the situation and it came together just like they practiced. I’m happy that everything turned out. My thoughts and prayers are with those that were injured.

State Representative Karey Hanks, (R-Rigby) also shared a statement with KID:

My heart goes out to those that were involved in today’s tragic event at Rigby Middle School. I appreciate our hard-working law enforcement agencies and school leaders for their efforts to ensure that Rigby students were safe and reunited with their parents.