IDAHO FALLS, ID — Tributes across social media have poured in since news broke Saturday evening that a private plane, bound for Idaho, claimed 9 lives. Three others in the accident were transported to a South Dakota hospital with various injuries.

The dozen passengers on the flight were returning from a traditional family pheasant hunting trip to southeast South Dakota. While the flight happened during wintry weather, it has not yet been determined by the NTSB what caused the crash. The agency is investigating.

All of the victims – spanning four generations – were connected to the prominent Hansen business family, which owns Kyani and fuel distributor Conrad & Bischoff.  James Hansen, Sr, along with sons James Jr. and Kirk Hansen were killed. The rest were sons, sons-in law, or grandsons. Names of the victims are listed below:

  • James Hansen Sr.
  • James Hansen Jr
  • Kirk Hansen

Others killed in the crash:

  • Logan Hansen – son of Kirk and Rebecca
  • Stockton Hansen – son of Kirk and Rebecca
  • Kyle Naylor – son-in-law of Kirk and Rebecca
  • Tyson Dennert – son-in-law of Kirk and Rebecca
  • Jake Hansen – son of Jim Jr. and Leann
  • Houston Hansen – grandson of Jim Jr. and Leann

Three others were injured:

  • Josh Hansen, son of Kirk and Rebecca
  • Matt Hansen, son of Jim Jr. and Leann
  • Thomas Long, son-in-law of Jim Jr. and Leann

The following is a statement issued Sunday evening by the Hansen family to the local media:

“The outpouring of love and expressions of concern for the welfare of the Hansen, Dennert, and Naylor families in the aftermath of the tragic accident on Nov. 30, 2019, have been overwhelming. The families wish to express their deepest gratitude for the numerous friends, family and Business Partners who have reached out with support, prayers and best wishes during this trying time.

The legacy of Jim Hansen, Kirk Hansen and their father, Jim Hansen Sr., will be preserved and will flourish through their families and established Business Partners today, tomorrow and into the future.

Condolences can be submitted to

While flowers are a wonderful expression of love and support for Leann, Rebecca, Coralie, and all other family members affected by this tragedy, the family asks that, in keeping with the Hansen’s goal of helping people in need, and providing opportunities for others to grow temporally and spiritually on the path to become Christ-like disciples, that donations be tendered to the established Caring Hands Program developed by the Kyani Corporation to help people in need both at home and abroad.

With love and deepest gratitude,

The Hansen Family”

The tributes that came through on social media seemed never-ending, and overwhelmingly positive with many sharing personal positive experiences with the Hansens. Other business associates shared their condolences and memories as well.

KID NewsRadio will interview Darin Skidmore, a close friend of the Hansen Family, Monday morning at 7:40.