Boise/Bonneville County – The Idaho Republican Party has demanded a cease and desist over the improper use of the Republican logo in a Democrat candidate’s campaign for Legislative District 33.

According to a press relase from the Idaho GOP, a Democratic candidate in Legislative District 33 has used an official Republican logo on a mailer featuring the non-partisan, Idaho
Falls City Councilmember Ed Marohn. The press release states:

This mailer is misleading voters and spreading
misinformation about who the Republican candidate is in Idaho Falls and Legislative
District 33. Representative Barbara Ehardt is the Republican candidate for Legislative
District 33, Seat A, and the Idaho Republican Party fully supports her reelection effort as
our Party’s nominee.

The mailer was reportedly sent out in support of Miranda Marquit, the Democratic candidate for Legislative Seat 33 A in Idaho Falls. Marquit is running against Republican incumbent Barbara Ehardt.  The entire press release can be read here.

Mark Fuller, Chairman of the Idaho Falls Republican Central Committee, had this to say to KID:

The elephant has been the symbol of the Republican Party since just after the Civil war – most Union soldiers were Republicans (the Democrats had left the country to form the Confederacy)  and there was a slang “see the elephant” which referred to those who had served in the Union forces who had seen the horrors of the war and bravely fought for their country. A similar  saying now would be “looked into the abyss of war”. It was intended to convey the point that it was the Republican party which preserved the Union by facing the horrors of war in order to defeat the Democrat slave owners. The reference to the Republican elephant was giving honor to brave soldiers and there is no basis for Miranda stealing our mascot. The historical background for the elephant being adopted by the Republicans as their mascot has faded from common knowledge and this is a great opportunity to help the voters understand that the Republicans are the party of freedom and the Democrats are the party of slavery.

This story is breaking. KID will contact Miranda Marquit for comment.