PORTLAND – Elliot Mainzer, who served as administrator and CEO of the Bonneville Power Administration for the past seven years, will leave the agency at the end of August.

The Bonneville Power Administration is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. It is a nonprofit federal power marketer that sells wholesale, carbon-free hydropower from 31 federal dams in the Columbia River Basin. It also markets the output of the region’s only nuclear plant. BPA delivers this power to more than 140 Northwest electric utilities. It serves millions of consumers and businesses in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, western Montana and parts of California, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.

Mainzer served as administrator during a period of significant industry change. He led the development of BPA’s 2018-2023 strategic plan A central element of the strategic plan has been a focus on grid modernization and preparing BPA to adapt to evolving energy markets and new technologies.

“I am profoundly grateful for the focus and dedication of the BPA workforce during my time as administrator and am proud of their many accomplishments,” Mainzer said, “as I move on to my next professional opportunity, I look forward to staying in touch with my colleagues in the Pacific Northwest as we work towards a prosperous clean energy future.”