Jeremy Gilbert, Idaho Republican Primary Candidate for US Senate, joins Steph Lucas on KID News Radio. Jeremy talks about why he choose to run for Senate and explains his political platform.

About Jeremy Gilbert:

Jeremy was born in Lakewood, New Jersey in 1987. His mother, Millie Gilbert, adopted him after he was left at the hospital as a newborn. Millie, who was a Nurse Anesthetist, worked at the hospital where Jeremy was born and assisted with his birth. Jeremy spent most of his childhood in southern NJ. His family lived on a small farm in Jackson Township where they bred horses and other livestock. His mom was a single parent who raised three children while working full-time and running their family farm.

During his sophomore year of high school, Jeremy’s family moved to Hedgesville, West Virginia where he finished out his high school years. He was an active teenager who participated in student government, worked a part-time job, played sports, and was involved at his church. After graduating from high school, he studied at The Pennsylvania State University for one semester, before leaving to enlist in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard as a Cavalry Scout.

After a short sabbatical, Jeremy returned to college at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. There he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice while participating in Army ROTC. Upon graduation, Jeremy received a commission in the United States Army as an infantry officer. During his time on active duty, Jeremy served in several locations including Georgia, Germany, and Virginia. He participated in various rotations in Europe and deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Jeremy’s military awards include the U.S. Army Ranger Tab, Combat Infantryman Badge, Bronze Star Medal, as well as many other U.S. and foreign military awards.

In 2014, Jeremy transitioned into the U.S Army Reserve and began his first civilian job at The Heritage Foundation. While working full time at Heritage, Jeremy also earned a Master of Public Administration degree from The Pennsylvania State University. Jeremy and his wife Shaina moved to Idaho in 2018; they currently live in Boise. Since moving to Idaho, Jeremy has worked in management positions at U.S. Bank, and Rimôn Law.\

Jeremy is a proud conservative, who believes strongly in the core values of America and our founding documents. His love for America and desire to see its citizens prosper is what motivated him to run for Senate.