Boys Learn Differently Than Girls: Is Education Reform Needed?

Steph Lucas is joined by Dr. Vermelle D. Greene, an expert on the topic, to discuss that very question.

Dr. Greene has been a schoolteacher and administrator for more than 45 years. She is the author of Please Teach Me Like I’m a Boy! Ten Steps to His Success in School and in Life. Greene is the Executive of the Boys Initiative.

Boys are in crisis and continue to fall behind girls in academics and readiness for college or careers. Boys learn differently, and educators must be willing to change instructional methods to meet their learning and developmental needs.

Otherwise, many young men will continue to fail in school and, subsequently, in life. This book sheds light on the issue through the eyes and experiences of Zachary, an eight-year-old boy who is anxiously anticipating going to the next grade. Encouraged by his parents, he writes a letter to his new teacher, asking for her help to make his next school year better than his last.

While introducing the concept of brain-based gender differences, this primer offers educators more than 150 researched-based strategies and practical ideas that will help boys (and girls!) achieve more academically, socially, and morally.

The objective is to motivate teachers to explore the plethora of available resources and learn how to best educate our boys. In addition to those print -materials, teachers who are followers of Christ are encouraged to use their spiritual resources which will make an eternal difference for all the extraordinary boys like Zachary that God brings to their classes every year.