BONNEVILLE COUNTY – The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Department sent out a press release today, reminding the public that many transactions at their driver’s license and motor vehicles offices can be carried out online, saving time and keeping residents in the comfort of their own homes.

While the Driver’s License Division of the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office and the Bonneville County Motor Vehicle Registration offices located inside the Bonneville County Annex at 254 E. St. remain open to the public, social distancing protocols can make it difficult to keep everyone inside; often patrons have to wait outside in the parking lot until there is space in the lobby. “Weather conditions as of late have been very hot and Idaho weather is notorious for quickly changing, so keep in mind your own health and safety during any potential wait outside of our building in the elements,” the release read.

The press release lists a few things to consider BEFORE visiting the Bonneville County Driver’s License and Motor Vehicle Offices as follows:

“As much as we love to see our community, many transactions for Driver’s License and Vehicle Registrations can be completed online.  BEFORE you take a trip to our offices, we recommend looking at the Idaho Transportation Department Website and click on the “DMV” tab.  There you will find a variety of online services and information about registering a vehicle, boat, ATV, license plates, titles, driver’s licenses and CDL’s along with the “Star Tool” that takes you through everything you need to get the Star Card – Idaho’s REAL ID.  It’s easy to use and can either eliminate the need for a trip to our offices or prepare you to take care of your transaction in only one stop.”


“The Concealed Weapon Permit and Sex Offender Registry Offices are located inside the Driver’s License Office with a separate waiting area.  Patrons wishing to apply for a Concealed Weapon Permit or take care of Sex Offender Registry issues are welcome to proceed directly to that area, we only ask that you respect social distancing and the limited space available for those transactions.  Requirements and information about obtaining a Concealed Weapon Permit can be found at along with links to receive alerts about Registered Sex Offenders in your area.”


“Help us slow the spread of the COVID-19 during your visit to the Bonneville County Annex by practicing social distancing, wearing a mask where appropriate (within 6ft. of others), using sanitizer and washing your hands frequently.  We ask you to please be patient and courteous of others who are taking care of their Driver’s License and Motor Vehicle needs by using good hygiene habits and DO NOT visit our offices if you have any kind of sickness or symptoms that could affect the health of other patrons or our employees.  It’s our desire to do our part in helping maintain the health of our patrons along with the health of our employees who work hard to serve you.  Everyone needs our employees to be healthy so we can effectively process the services our community needs.  When our community works together with us toward that goal, everyone benefits.  The latest information and resource links about COVID-19 conditions and best practices can be found on the Bonneville County Website and the Eastern Idaho Public Health Website”