East Idaho – School board trustees in two districts will keep their positions after recall elections yesterday.

Pocatello Chubbuck School District 25 trustees Jackie Cranor, Janie Gebhardt, and Dave Mattson were the subject of a recall due to concerns from parents. Spokespeople for the group, Concerned Parents of Pocatello Chubbuck School District 25, told KID that the trustees were not listening to what parents wanted as far as more in-person learning days for their students.

Idaho Falls School District 91 had a recall election for trustee Elizabeth Cogliatti. Parents in favor of the recall told KID News Radio that they had concerns about adequate representation from the trustees, citing the sudden switch in September to the 4-day-a-week “Blue Plan” for District 91 COVID-19 protocol as an example.

Tuesday’s recall election is not the last one for slated for a District 91 trustee in 2021. A recall election for school board member Lara Hill will be on the May 2021 ballot.