July 1 marked the official increase of fees at the Idaho DMV, the most notable increase being driver’s license fees.

To increase funding to the county sheriff’s offices, which issue driving credentials on behalf of the state, The Idaho Legislature passed House Bill 161 during the 2021 Legislative session. The Idaho Department of Transportation pointed out in a press release that Idaho DMV fees have not been increased in over 30 years.

Some of the higher-priced fees are Class D licenses for drivers over 21. A four-year, 21+, Class D license will be $35. An eight-year, 21+, Class D license will be $60. 

How do Idaho’s new driver’s license fees stack up to other states? While the number of years a license is valid varies from state to state, World Population Review lists Virginia as the priciest place to get a driver’s license, $89 for 6 years. The cheapest place to get a driver’s license is Missouri, at $10 for 3 years. 

Before the fee increase from HB 161, World Population Review ranked Idaho alongside several other states in the number 18 spot at $30 for a license. With the increase of four-year licenses to $35, Idaho has moved up several notches and appears to be in a class by itself, as the only state charging $35 for a license. 

Here are the top ten most expensive states the highest license costs:*

  1. Virginia ($89)
  2. Massachusetts ($85)
  3. Connecticut ($72)
  4. Maryland ($72)
  5. New York (64.25)
  6. New Hampshire ($50)
  7. Florida ($48)
  8. Nevada ($42.25)
  9. Montana ($40.50)
  10. Washington ($40)

Click HERE for the full report from World Population Review.

While Idaho may not be in the top ten most expensive states for driver’s license fees, quite a few legislators were opposed to the fees’ increase. House Bill 161 barely passed in the Idaho House with a 34-33 vote. HB 161 argued for the increase, saying many counties were spending large amounts of property tax dollars to subsidize the Transportation Department.