BOISE, Idaho (KIFI) – The Chad Daybell Trial enters its 11th day of testimony on Thursday.


Fremont County Coroner Brenda Dye took the stand Wednesday morning.

She investigated the death of Tammy Daybell on Oct. 19, 2019. 

She said she was a new coroner then, and she went to the Daybell’s house and found Chad distraught. She also described his son forth as emotionless.  

Tammy’s body was lying on the bed with pink foam coming out of her mouth and on a towel because some of it had already been wiped off.

She described how Chad told her what happened.

Dye: “Yes, he said that he felt her body roll off the bed and that’s what awakened him just because of the rigor mortis the lividity the coldness of her body. I asked how that was possible if she had been gone that long and he said it may have been from him, pulling the sheets and releasing her body as it fell as he stated that she was going through menopause and she had hot flashes and she like to sleep with her feet outside the covers and on the edge of the bed.”

Deputy Prosecutor Rocky Wixom: “What triggered you to inquire how that was possible of how the body fell? Why did you question that?

Dye: “Because if the body, if someone’s dead, they can’t roll out of the bed.  So, I was trying to understand how that woke him up when somebody is dead they can’t move.”

The prosecution then asked Dye if that made sense to her.  She said it did at the time, but it doesn’t now.

Linda Larsen is following Wednesday’s testimony and will wrap up today’s court proceedings at 5.

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